About this experience

Get 2022 to a soulful start with this workshop on connecting to as well as integrating practical spiritual practices. In this two-hour session, your guide and resident Akashic Records reader and teacher Luz will help you take aligned action towards a higher purpose.

We are souls having a human experience. A beautiful, but also challenging, experience. Balancing all aspects of it may sometimes feel like a challenge and sometimes our immediate obligations take all of our energy, and we find ourselves craving a sense of purpose. This workshop is designed to help you start reconnecting with your inner voice, find ways to bring its desires into your reality, and living a more fulfilled life.

In this practical workshop, you’ll learn:
✨ The different dimensions of human experience, and how to align them
✨ What it means to integrate our learnings and soul whispers, and why it’s so important
✨ Steps to gain clarity on where your soul is guiding you towards, and how to make it happen
Lots of tips to go through the process

Who is this workshop for?
Anyone who wants more clarity on thier goals
✨ T
hose who are already attuned to their intuition, but find it hard to put those messages into action

Your Host

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Luz is an Akashic Records facilitator and mentor who helps soul-seekers get clear on their journey and transform their lives through the Records. In addition to her Akashic Records work, for the past few years Luz has been expanding her knowledge of the spiritual world, for example about astrology and energy work. This, coupled with her background in coaching, makes her readings a unique blend of soothing insights and actionable tips to help you ground what has been shared through the Records into your daily life.