About this experience

Sunday 11th September

3 PM - 5:30 PM
Hana El Rais

Join Hana for an intimate grief ceremony, to be heard, honoured and witnessed.

No matter how big or small, we’ve all experienced some form of loss in our lives. We most commonly associate loss with death. However, loss is also experienced as loss of an opportunity, a dream, financial changes, moving house, loss of a country, loss of innocence, divorce, illness, loss of friendship, relationships, childhood—needing to grow up quickly, loss of parenting due to absent mother, father or both, pet, miscarriage not to mention the collective grief we are ALL experiencing!

All loss is welcome in the space!

Our natural reaction to any loss is grief, we are conditioned by our societies that grieving, or discussing grief is 'wrong' and 'taboo'. That we must simply just get on with it and ‘move on’. The problem with this is, our losses accumulate. We shut down our hearts and overtime start to experience anxiety, sadness, depression and isolation.

In order for us to start the healing process, we have to start focusing and stepping into our heart space, by giving ourselves the freedom and permission to express, feel, share and release our grief.

Grief is an experience every single one of us will go through, we will all lose someone, something at some point in our lives. So I ask you to let that truth bring us together so that we may have a better understanding of the grieving processes and of what it takes to truly support one another in loss.

What to expect:
We will engage in a sharing circle practising sacred listening, being supported, honoured and heard. Moving our bodies into a little dance to shake it off and let go.

Through sharing rituals we will be integrating grief into life. You will be asked to prepare or bring something for this part, as it's part of the integration. It could be a photo, mementoes, a poem, a song, one word, you could sit in silence, a drawing, an object, a short memory, a stone. A positive insight to your loss. Anything meaningful to you. A representation of your love. (Don’t think about it too much, it is completely optional to bring something). 

Ending with a guided sound meditation using various instruments, re-connecting you back with your loss, and grounding you back into your body.

What to bring:
Please bring along with you a bottle of water, a pen, a journal and dress in anything you feel most comfortable in along with the item you'll be sharing with us.

Your Host

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Hana is a grief and loss facilitator. After many years of experiencing a variety of losses from a young age and throughout life, during meditation and prayer she always knew there was a deeper purpose behind her pain.

After years of all the emotional pain manifesting into her body, finding inner peace in nature and a love for animals this led her into becoming a plant based Chef, trained at the Blue Lotus Cookery school. Allowing her to build the connection with the mind, and body. Using food as medicine.

Having lost her brother to cancer, this led her to creating monthly ceremonies named Permission To grieve, and seeing clients 1:1 covering all types of loss, not just death. Creating brave spaces for people to be seen, heard and witnessed in the fullness of their experience of loss. Her approach is based on the assumption that you are the expert of your own grief and her work focuses on guiding you back home to yourself so that you can find meaning in your life in the “after”. Her guidance and coaching comes from both education and personal experience which allows her to deeply relate to client’s experience of grief and loss. Hana understood that healing grief needs to be expressed and released through the mind, body and soul, she uses various modalities and ancient wisdom, and is currently studying to be an End of Life Caretaker.

Hana is a Sound Meditation facilitator. She leverages her 15-year long personal healing journey, Sufism spirituality, ancestral roots, studies under maestros Tim Wheater and Cherub in Vibrational Sound Medicine to inform her approach. Hana strives to create safe spaces in which sound is a vehicle to:calm the nervous system, carve out space to just be and process physical and emotional sensations. Reconnect with loved ones, and go inwards. As a spaceholder, her niche is overcoming trauma and processing grief through understanding the mind, body, spirit connection.