About this experience

Palmistry is an ancient art that uses hand analysis to delve into a person’s qualities, behaviours and life events. If you’re feeling stuck and looking for more out of life, but are unsure of where to start, reading your hands can help you align and recognise your true nature and gifts, so that you can start making steps towards your best self.

Your mind imprints information onto and through your hands, just like it does with other parts of your physical body, e.g. stress causing bad skin or happiness improving energy levels. Reading these signs can uncover insights that help us make better choices for ourselves, as the guidance is led by what the mind and body feels to be important, rather than the ego and external guidance. Reading into the future can also give us an indication of the kind of trajectory that we’re on, and the opportunity to decide if we like the path we’ve built for ourselves, or if there’s something else we should focus on to improve our lives.

In a palm reading session with Asha, you can expect a relaxing and uplifting experience, where you can share as little or as much as you are comfortable with. The reading itself can provide jumping off points for topics such as your relationships, career, talents, life direction, health, finances and more, so you can treat it as a consultation and focus on whatever you would like insights or guidance on.  

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Asha is a palm reader who first discovered her love for hand analysis after it provided her with some much needed clarity about her career path, leading to some big shifts and where she is today. Because of this, her main aim in her practice is to help people appreciate their brilliance and understand the opportunities that can help them flourish and live rich and positive lives. Her belief is that people living happy, healthy and prosperous lives inspires others to do the same, and this is how we make the world a better place.