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Thursday 4th July
7pm - 8:30pm
Desiree Diaz

Welcome to our New Moon Ritual, where we align with the fresh energies of the cosmos to set our intentions and initiate transformation. As we embrace the new lunar cycle, we'll begin by clarifying our intentions, signalling our desires to the universe for manifestation.

Incorporating crystal healing, we'll select a specific crystal attuned to the new moon's energy, discuss its properties, and construct a crystal grid. Each participant will receive their own SLC crystal to carry the moon's energy forward. This month Carnelian shines as a stone that embraces emotional equilibrium, sparks creativity, and fuels vitality—qualities that become especially potent during moments of fresh starts and evolution, like the new moon and times when Cancer's nurturing energy is influential.

Transformation awaits as we engage in practices such as dance, shaking, or sound healing led by our SLC healers. These activities will aid in clearing stagnant energy, making space for fresh inspiration and vitality.

Gathering in community, we'll share our intentions and desires under the new moon, creating a collective transmission of positive energy and intention. Together, we'll release what no longer serves us and invite new beginnings.

Bring your journal, creativity, and readiness to explore the unknown as we embark on this sacred journey of intention setting and transformation under the luminous influence of the new moon. Blessed be, dear participants, as we navigate the cycles of the cosmos together.

Unable to make it in person? Join our cyber circle Moon Space event with Tree Carr

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Desiree is a witch, shamanic practitioner, energy healer, womb healing and women circle facilitator. In all her offerings she creates a sacred space for you to feel held and reconnect to your sacred magick. Through her close relationship with Plant Spirits, she has facilitated a deeper connection with nature and guidance that the Spirits wanted to share with people.