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Monday 30th May
8 - 9 PM

Join SLC sound healer Molly Anne Chinner for an evening of ritual and ceremony on the auspicious New Moon in Gemini.

The energetic signature of this New Moon is inviting us to ignite the fires within. After harvesting the bountiful blossoms of the full flower moon in Scorpio, we are being called to plant something new. To burn away what no longer serves us, and begin to awaken again, with lightness and clarity.

We will create a magickal circle—calling on our oracle, spirit and plant allies to guide and ignite our visioning. After drinking a potent herbal elixir of Mugwort (the witches herb), Hawthorn (who rules the month of May) and Angelica (the angels herb) we will rest deeply to enter into the dreamtime of the plants - opening ourselves to attune to the frequencies of this New Moon.

We will then immerse ourselves into a journey of sound and vibration, bathing in the sonic healing of the gongs, crystal bowls and Molly’s vocals. 

New noons are a potent time for release. Emotions can brim over, messages and visions can be received and a profound transcendence can be found. Resetting us and clearing space for the magick in our lives to unfold and weave through the next lunar cycle and beyond. Attune yourself with your highest, vibrational self.

Please feel free to bring along crystals, stones, talismans, herbs or precious items to place on the altar. Objects that represent the sacred elements of fire, water, air, earth and spirit are also welcome.

Please note: This event is jointly hosted online + in-person. Please purchase a ticket accordingly. We will send out the Zoom link on the morning of the event.

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A yoga, meditation and sound practitioner based in London. With a deep love of ritual and creating magical moments, Molly’s classes are soulful, playful and creative, exploring the union of body, mind and breath by guiding awareness deeper within. Drawing from her curiosity of the traditional energetic and elemental systems inspired by her study with teachers Shiva Rae, Tara Judelle, Talia Sutra and Meghan Currie, alongside her lifelong exploration into music, sound and vibrational healing, expect beauty, nourishment and lots of blissful tones.