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Embracing the menstrual cycle for empowerment, alchemy and magick. 

Join Tree Carr as she guides through the mysteries of womanhood and how to consciously reconnect with your menstrual cycle for empowerment, magick work, self care and body balance.

Maiden , Mother and Crone:   the concept of the triple goddess. The three chapters of life for women. We experience four phases of our menstrual cycle. From a magickal and alchemical perspective, these are likened to the four seasons and the four elements. They all hold a different energy that we can embrace and work with these energies to enrich our lives:  creative potential, wellbeing, healing, self care, self discovery, consciousness exploration, embodiment, empowerment, magick and spell work, manifestation and birthing new projects. 

This week: AUTUMN: The element of Air. How to magickally work with the luteal phase of your menstrual cycles. During this phase our follicles start to produce progesterone which is responsible for creating the growth of the lining of our wombs. Our oestrogen gets a spike! As our hormones rise we begin to wind down and move inward. Just like the cosy months of autumn. Then just as soon as our hormones rise, they begin to fall and trigger the energy of PMT. Autumn is the perfect time for self care, journaling, reflecting and working with your intuition and insights. Workshop includes:  self care practices, herb work, using moon energy, meditations and energy movement practice.  AUTUMN: Herbs-  Burdock Root, Ashwagandha, Ginger, Basil and Chaste Tree Berry

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Tree is a published author working in the esoteric realms of dreams, death and divination. Tree has explored the realms of mysticism and consciousness since she was a child. Her deep intuition, clairvoyance and mediumship abilities have helped people worldwide as has her incredibly insightful tarot guidance.