About this experience

You’ve probably heard of “manifestation” by now. The promise that you can have anything you want, as long as you do this, that and the other. But what is manifestation, really? What’s happening behind the scenes when you “manifest” something (and do the TikTok hacks work)? What role do your brain and body play in the process? And, how can you make manifestation a lifestyle, instead of magically calling in £500 one time and then never being able to do it again?  Well, we’ve got some answers for you in this 1.5 hour breakdown on the magical process we all want de-mystified. 

Bring your most dire burning questions, pen and paper, and an open mind. 

This session is perfect if you:
✨ want spiritual insight made simple
✨ want practical advice for how to make manifestation part of your daily life
✨ need focus, clarity and inspiration to guide your manifestation goals

Your Host

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Jaliessa Sipress is an Astrologer, writer, artist, and master of the mind. She is obsessed with helping you love yourself and your life more, and giving you the tools to become a creator in your own world. She has been featured in Cosmopolitan, Girlboss, Nylon, VICE, Essence, and more.