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Friday 19th January
Kate Fleur-Young

Manifestation has become a buzzword but what does it really mean? And is it possible?

Join Kate for a ritualistic workshop where we will be working with the power of intention.

As we enter into a New Year this workshop will be a powerful tool to help line up what you are wanting to make physical in your life.

By releasing negative fear and self doubt and using techniques and rituals there is so much magic to be found in creating your own reality and using the power of your intentions to shape and guide your life and keep in alignment with your highest self and purpose.

Focusing on what we have as well as what we want is potent stuff. The law of attraction is real baby!

This workshop will lead through a journey of deep discovery into what you feel is calling from deep in your heart. There is no time like the present to really find your power and step into the best version of yourself so you can show up in your life to the best of your abilities for yourself and others and work with the universe to call in your visions and dreams.

Topics include:
✨ Intention Setting
✨ Herbs
✨ Sound 

And a whole lot more magic is to be expected from this capsule of energy in Valentine Road.

Focus on what you wish might just come true!

Your Host

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Kate Fleur is a musician, artist and certified Sound Healer and Yoga Teacher. Kate’s Alchemic crystal bowls fused with her ethereal transcendent vocals allow you to reset, rebalance and realign, attuning you to your higher power and magic. Kate is passionate about ceremony and ritual and allows both to be part of her Sonic Medicine. She is passionate about guiding her guests into deep lucid states of relaxation, opening receptivity to frequency codes, connection, and cosmic journeys of the soul.