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Our monthly Intuition Development Circle is a dedicated time to relax, learn new intuition techniques and receive guidance from your own intuition. We are all born with intuitive skills. If you feel you're not intuitive but also feel drawn to join this group, it’s time for you to remember a skill we know you already have. Group intention is extremely powerful and often allows even those who normally struggle to make a connection the opportunity to receive messages. Ceremony host, Gemma Petherbridge, invites you to join a circle of like minded people wanting to reconnect, open up to their intuition and take time for self care. Each month we will start with an opening ceremony, calling in the elements, nature spirits and spirit guides, as well as your own ancestors and guides. Gemma will then share some intuitive teachings to help you activate, enhance and perfect your psychic and intuitive skills. In each circle she will show you some new techniques to help make that connect and engage different senses. She will also show you a collection of different relaxation skills that help make it possible to build a strong connection to your intuition; enhancing it and guidance you receive. Each ceremony will be unique so you do not need to attend them all. However, Gemma will make sure the information is always different so you can build and enhance your skills overtime. You will have the opportunity to practice these techniques, which could include seeking guidance for the month ahead or a specific event you are going though. Before the closing circle, you have the opportunity to share the messages you received. This aspect of the circle is always interesting to people as they find they learn about their own intuitive skills by understanding what others experience. What to bring Please bring along your journal, pen and a bottle of water or herbal tea. To enhance your experience, it might be a nice idea to also create a sacred space for yourself to sit in while you attend the circle (optional). Gemma also recommends thinking about the questions you would like to ask your intuition in advance so you can really make the most of the circle.

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Soul Purpose Coach and Intuition teacher, Gemma Petherbridge has spent 15 years working in the spiritual development industry, and today her passion is empowering soul seekers who are actively asking those profound life questions. She believes teaching people to connect to their intuition allows them to access their best source of guidance, their Higher Self. She also believes that how people do this is very personal, so Gemma offers an array of modalities that can open up and enhance your intuitive and psychic skills.