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Kasia is a Tarot reader and teacher of over 8 years, finding this powerful tool for Self-reflection, Self-inquiry and growth at the lowest point in her life.

Readings with her are collaborative and rooted in the power and associations of the elements, archetypes, symbols and concept of the hero's (that's you!) journey. They are always served with healthy dollops of humour and compassion and everyone is encouraged to take an active role in their reading, just as we would do in life. A true weaver of the spiritual and the tangible, Kasia works with depth psychology concepts such as archetypes, shadow, the ego, Self and the power of the unconscious highlighting where these themes appear in the cards and skilfully holding up a mirror so these dynamics can be observed in her clients' inner world. Emphasized in every session is the empowerment of each client as a unique individual, rather than reading from the perspective of 'I know something you don't know...'

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Kasia is an initiated Medicine Woman, author and sacred space holder, with over 8 years' experience in offering services rooted in both the spiritual and the tangible. She is trained in the sacred arts of holding ceremonial and ritual space as well as Tarot, facilitating deep and insightful work with plant medicines. She is also passionate about dreamwork and symbols of the unconscious and is the proud author of Archetype Medicine: a journey within to your Council of Seven.