About this experience

Lucy Porter is a London based Reclamation Coach, specializing in Relational Evolutionary Astrology, Intuitive Education & Ritual.

Lucy analyses your birth chart for past life information, and finds key points in your life where you can reclaim power. Using your birth chart, Lucy will show you where your soul has been and where it is going, through the aspects and placements in your birth chart.

This session is for you if you want to engage with:
- a deeper inner understanding of your soul purpose
- connecting to psychic abilities
- identifying and addressing blind spots in relationships and work habits

Focusing on the Past Life aspect in a birth chart is deeply empowering, and using Lucys very own ‘Soul Programming Theory’ - she can spot areas in your soul which lay dormant and want expressing.

These readings are perfect for curiosity about life purpose, bringing you into alignment and connecting you to your souls authentic power.  Lucy explores the Birth Chart in a holistic way, looking at your in terms of a Soul rather than a person. Lucy believes that we are encoded with so much information and have so many unique gifts which often are discouraged in society or not held space for. The birth chart can help you to reclaim and remember all of your buried power, so that you can open and trust life.

Your Host

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Lucy Porter is a Priestess of Magdalene, Karmic Astrologer, Artist, Shamanic Practitioner, Student of Tantra & Teacher of The Tarot. Through her work she aims to bring you into your full power and assist you in integrating your shadow and light. Her understanding of past life patterns and spiritual blocks helps you unbind and release old stories.