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There are so many branches of astrology the main purpose of a reading can depend on what you need. A birth chart reading will remind you who you are and provide a blueprint for your life. My training is in modern western astrology and I’m passionate about synastry (relationship astrology) and an eternal student of financial astrology, medical astrology, karmic and esoteric astrology.

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Francesca Oddie is on a mission to bring the life-changing insights of astrology to as many people as possible. Francesca read Natural Sciences; Biochemistry, Philosophy & Theology at Durham University before moving to Rome to work as a Tour Guide at the Vatican Museums! Obtaining a Postgraduate Diploma in Corporate Social Responsibility & Management in 2012 before staying in every (most) Saturdays in her 30s to read about Astrology, Palmistry, Tarot, Herbal Medicine and Numerology. Her consultations leave people feeling refreshed and restored to nature’s most powerful factory settings. Her focus is on relationships and careers, with a desire to cut through the noise and deliver practical feedback based on your needs and suggested dates for action.