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Part of our Conscious Crystal Collection - a fully traceable mine to market collection of responsibly mined stones with a story to tell. As well as being hand selected for their beauty and powerful energy, these crystals have a higher purpose with a conscious mission...


This is Our Himalayan Collection is one of the area’s best kept crystal secrets, and most healing treasures. Did you know that there’s a mountain in the Himalayas which is considered to be the centre of the universe because the sun and all the planets revolve around it? The sacred mountain (Sumeru Parvat) is said to connect to the North Pole and to be the connector between heaven and earth. This makes the minerals around this area incredibly sacred and energetic.

We work with a special collector who spends the whole year working with expert specimen miners, climbers and artisans at the 'Rosey' mine in the Manali mountains. They skilfully venture 
up 18,000 feet to find the most rare and incredible pieces. It's an art form and takes 2 days to reach the desired spots, but it's worth it to them because the special specimens they find are next level - both energetically and visually. As you rise higher up the mountains in Manali, the vibrations of the crystals intensify, and they enter crystalline self-healing cycles after slight shifts and movement from Mother Earth. This gives them greater self healing abilities. 


Each stone is unique with it's own ghost-like inclusion. This is the ultimate protection from higher realms. Connecting us to angelic guides and divine guidance. If you're ready to tap into your intuition, your inner psyche, or tune in to the universe, then this is for you!

Country of Origin: India

Size: 6 x 4 x 2cm

Weight: 0.1 kg

Each piece is delivered in our branded eco-canvas pouch with a meaning card. 

5% profit from all purchases at She's Lost Control is donated to Crystal Clear - the social enterprise empowering artisanal mining communities. 

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