About this experience

Tuesday 1st August
7 PM - 9 PM
Leila Sadeghee

The cross-quarter sabbat of Lammas sits between the height of the summer solstice and the middle point of the Autumn Equinox.

Like the other cross-quarters, the Lammas portal is a festival to bring the 'in-between' and liminal into full view—to appreciate the seasonal changes before they have come into our day-to-day awareness. Lammas invites us to celebrate the first harvest of the crops on the land and asks us to appreciate our psychic and energetic harvests as well.

We reap what we sow, and this is a moment to pause and celebrate our victories and feast on what has come to fruition and to compost our losses and the crops that haven't fared so well.

Join Leila Sadeghee for a celebration of this harvest, and
✨ enjoy a ritual celebration of gratitude for all we have manifested
✨ acknowledge and process that which wants to be composted or put aside right now
✨ cast a powerful group spell for a continued abundant harvest in your life, materially and spiritually
✨ receive a group energy weaving session to optimise the timelines for your life

Please bring a journal or notebook with you and anything else you feel you might need for this ritual.

Your Host

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Leila Sadeghee is an Avalonian priestess + energy worker, a teacher of meditation, yoga, and liberational movement. She is a devotee of the Divine Mother in all Their forms & a keeper of the Magdalene Flame. She holds a seat of spiritual guidance, leadership, and support for folks who want to transform their lives and unlock their wisdom. She is dedicated to dismantling systemic oppression as an art of spiritual gnosis, and she leads pilgrimage, offers sanctuary, and lights the path of collective awakening with a superb sense of fun and intelligence.