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Chloe Isidora
Thursday 16th June 2022
7 - 9 PM

As part of our fertility series, please join us with Chloe Isidora for a baby loss honouring circle.

This series is very close to our hearts and explores the complex and challenging journey of fertility, family planning, pregnancy, and family care. We know this journey can feel lonely, but you are not alone. This series is for you, for us, for everyone.

Honour your experience in a space where every feeling is welcomed. Baby loss honouring is a very gentle and nurturing space for women who have experienced any kind of baby loss, whether it is through stillbirth, miscarriage, failed IFV, or abortion.

The session begins with a deeply grounding meditation, a safe sacred space to share your baby loss, and a ceremony to honour the babies who joined for their own unique time.

There is so much silence, shame, displacement and confusion around something experienced by so many women. In this space, every feeling is valid and welcomed. Sharing grief is often one of the most powerful healings, and Chloe will work with you to honour these feelings and experiences. 

*This work is not a replacement for medical or therapeutic advice, support or treatment. 

Please note: This event is jointly hosted online + in person. Please purchase a ticket accordingly. We will send out the Zoom link on the morning of the event.

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Chloe Isidora is the author of Sacred Self-Care: Everyday Rituals for a More Joyful and Meaningful Life. She trained in Shamanic practices at The Four Winds Society, Crystalline Consciousness and Divine Feminine empowerment. Chloe offers Sacred Womb Healing and Awakening that is centred around transformation, empowerment and self-love. She offers sacred self-care and self-love practices can be easily integrated into daily life, bringing a deeper awareness of one’s inner wisdom and intuition, living from a place of truth and nourishing a sense of connection to the natural world.