About this experience

Thursday 11th January
7 - 9 PM
Nieve Tierney

Are you ready for an energetic tune up?

Join Reiki Master Nieve Tierney for Energy MOT.

Think of it as an energy top up and drop in to help you raise your energy if you're feeling depleted. We'll work on a cellular level to detox your mind, calm your nervous system, and remove stress from the body.

In this guided workshop, Nieve will help you remove low frequency energy from your individual energy map with a focus on bringing your energy back into alignment if you've been feeling scattered or depleted.

Each session will lean on the healing energy of crystals, where Nieve will pick out a specific crystal for the evening, talk about its properties, and create a crystal grid. You'll also leave with your own SLC crystal to help you clear, cleanse, and optimize your energy beyond the session.

Nieve will be sharing tools for better energy hygiene as you learn to better manage your energy and leave with tools to protect, harness and up-level your energy.

This is for you if…
 You can’t tell where your energy ends and someone else’s begins
 You can’t tell if the energy you are feeling is yours or someone else
✨ You're feeling energetically depleted
✨ You work in busy environments and need an energy transferal cleanse
✨ You are feeling disconnected from yourself and want to connect back to your energy
✨ You want to learn how to clean + protect your energy
✨ You want to understand how you can work with crystals to look after your energy
✨ You are new to energy work or very used to energy work—maybe you're a healer yourself that needs a deep energetic clean

You don’t need to bring anything, just dress in comfy clothes that you are happy to sit in.

Your Host

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Nieve Tierney is a modern day energy healer, and Reiki Master whose aim is to normalise the woo woo. She is one of a growing new breed of practitioners in this field who are challenging outdated stereotypes, and advocating spiritual maintenance as an accepted part of our every day routines. Nieve’s personal journey has led her to discover the magical power of energy, and how it can be channelled to heal but also to impact our daily lives, and optimise our potential and wellbeing.