About this experience

Mondays from 17th January to 28th February
7 pm GMT

Find greater harmony with the natural world in this series of embodied nature meditations with Catherine Stevens. Every week, we will work with a different element, beginning with water, then exploring earth, sun, wind, moon, and cosmos.

We live in a fast-paced world. As a result, so many of us become disconnected from the intelligence of our bodies. But our bodies are a microcosm of the earth, made up of the same composition of the natural world. These meditations are designed to return us to the intelligence of the body and its true potential through deeper connection to nature.

We'll begin with a somatic practice to orient and stabilise us to our environment. Catherine will then guide us through an embodied meditation and close the session with a second somatic practice to help us integrate the meditation and medicine deep into the body.

These sessions will:
✨ restore balance
✨ calm the nervous system
✨ help you come into greater harmony with nature

Your Host

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Catherine is a transformation guide, informed by extensive shamanic and somatic training. She is passionate about helping you bring balance and harmony back into your body so you can feel whole and connected again.
Catherine came to the practice of Shamanism 25 years ago as a result of her own health challenges and has been walking the path since. She is fully trained and certified in sexological bodywork, body poem, and Andean spirituality and she holds a trauma-informed space enabling people to go deep into their process of transformational growth. Her love of the Earth is her constant inspiration for walking people further down the path of bringing their inner and outer landscapes into harmony.