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12th June
5 PM - 7 PM
Katie-Jane Wright

Join us under the pyramid for our Ancient Egypt Series workshops. 

In Temple of Isis, Katie-Jane Wright will guide us towards remembering our lineage and roles within the Sisterhood of the Rose, with Mary Magdalene, Goddess Isis and Hathor leading us. 

The Sisterhood of the Rose was a set of souls who chose to incarnate under the agreement to hold the energies of the earth and to open and activate people's heart centres through the divine feminine flow, stemming from the cosmos. They incarnated in Ancient Egyptian times as the Priestess of Isis, with the red rose appearing as the symbol of the Goddess Isis.

A note from Katie-Jane:

Recently I have been taken on a journey to remember my lineage to the Goddess Isis, my direct links to working with her in the past as an initiate of the inner temple grounds of Isis, protector and ‘seer’ of the sacred feminine energies and womb activation. I have been walked through each ritual and initiation to be able to activate and share them with you.

I will be giving my guided insights and the Goddess Isis will speak through me in her light language, in an initiation ritual to remember our gifts, our past, our cosmic lineage and our connection to the earth all through our heart centre. This will be a personal journey where you can gain the insights your soul needs. It will be activating, releasing and will ignite that flame within, linking you to the divine feminine thread within.

We will invoke our lineage or Egyptian timelines to awaken and we will activate our third eye through Goddess Isis activations and Mystery School teachings.

Journeying in a guided meditation and through sound to face the Goddess and embody all that we came here for. It is a call to action. We will heal and activate cell memory and journey to the inner chamber of the serpent, To connect with the serpent initiation rites. Connecting with its transformational powers and wisdom, to be one with our kundalini flow, to embody the goddess and the priestess within.

This, my dear hearts, is the start of a magical journey for you, where you will be held and protected by your sisters who seek the same thing as you.

We will be working with different crystals and herbs throughout the session. Each attendee will pick out a clear quartz crystal, which we will use as a healing portal and record keeper. You'll keep your crystal after the session as it is imbued with the temple's energetics and remembering.

Please bring a notepad and pencil, as we will be writing down and releasing that which we need to let go of before this journey.

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Katie-Jane Wright receives visions and advice from the crystalline world, and passes those messages on through her Crystal Expert column in Spirit and Destiny Magazine and across her events and workshops. She has been an oracle since she was a child, feeling spirit energy through many realms. You can find our more about Katie-Jane's work at