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Sushma believes passionately in the transformative power of energy healing and launched The Calmery with a vision to demystify the practice, taking it out of the ‘weird’ and into the weekday. She made it her mission to bring it to mainstream attention, to encourage people to take it up. Her approach is fresh, practical and down-to-earth meaning she can engage even the most cynical of her clients.

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Sushma Sagar is a Reiki Master Teacher, Shamanic Medicine Practitioner and the founder ofLondon’s Harley St based healing practice The Calmery. She is a Master teacher in both Usui and Holy Fire reiki healing methods, having been trained by a master with a direct lineage to the founder of reiki Dr Usui. As a former global fashion brand director, she successfully juggled a healing life and a corporate life for many years and used energy healing as an antidote to workplace stress.