About this experience

As a Psychic and Evidential Medium, David works with a client's energy and the spirit world to help navigate them into higher alignment with their soul's calling and reveal untapped potential. This 60 minute session is for anyone who is looking for clarity around their current blockages or illumination from the spirit world.

A Psychic Reading with David is a session that provides messages from your guides, deceased loved ones, and higher self without relying on cards or tools. Within these sessions, he connects with Spirit and your “spirit team” to assist you on your current path and illuminate unseen potential.  Each reading truly unfolds differently for everyone and although he cannot guarantee a visitation from a deceased loved one, evidential mediumship is common within these sessions and he may provide some messages from the other side.

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David is a psychic-medium, astrologer, yoga teacher, artist, and alchemist. For over ten years he worked as a sales leader and educator for major beauty companies. In an industry that awakens so many insecurities, he realised early on that he loved helping others facilitate their own transformations. His path as healer began when he started holding space for others, but his path as an alchemist began when I started holding space for himself.