About this experience

Gemma has guided people through past life regression sessions for over 14 years. After a short consultation to understand what you would like to get from your session, Gemma will guide you into a deep state of relaxation. From there normally there is the time to access and explore at least three past lives and go through any healings that need to take place.

Why would you have a Past Life Regression Session?

Complicated aspects of our soul journey, such as repeating patterns, obstacles, and behaviors that we struggle to overcome, can start in a Past Life.  Accessing that knowledge and understanding what happened helps us resolve what is playing out today.

You can also use regression to understand more about your current life. The dynamics of our soul family in previous lives can heal current family wounds, and gifts we had in the past can be brought forward to support us now. 

How to prepare for a Past Life Session?

Sessions with Gemma are 1 hour, so the key to making the most of a Regression is creating a cosy, relaxing space for yourself. Ideally, you want to be sitting with a pillow behind your head or lying down on the sofa. Either way, make sure Gemma can see you on the video screen at all times. Have a glass of water to hand and your journal if you want to make notes.

What will Regression Feel like?

Past life regression is a form of Hypnosis. It is essentially a visualisation and will feel like a deep meditation. You are fully aware, will be able to hold a conversation with Gemma and you can open your eyes and have a break at any time.

Your Host

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Soul Purpose Coach and Intuition teacher, Gemma Petherbridge has spent 15 years working in the spiritual development industry, and today her passion is empowering soul seekers who are actively asking those profound life questions. She believes teaching people to connect to their intuition allows them to access their best source of guidance, their Higher Self. She also believes that how people do this is very personal, so Gemma offers an array of modalities that can open up and enhance your intuitive and psychic skills.