About this experience

Sunday 29th May
11 AM - 1 PM
Henika Patel

Ever wondered what Tantra really is?

As the sister science of yoga, tantra is the path of total love, acceptance and celebration. 

It is one which is hugely misunderstood in the west and popular culture to mean 'sex'. Traditional tantra however, does not need a partner. It is one which connects you deeply to temple of your heart and mind. It invites you to experience deeply and to enter the bliss of your body. It is a practice of radical self love and expansion, inviting you to connect to reality of the here and now with a deep awareness of its magic. 

In this session, Henika, who proudly shares her ancestral traditions, will be breaking down the misconceptions of this age-old mystical path. You'll go on a discovery of the chakra system which provides a roadmap in the tantric lineage of the biological, energetic and emotional body. You'll find out how the elements can guide you through shame and numbness to connect to the centres which are calling for your love and attention. 

With the theory based in playful and fun practical exercises, you will be taken through a soul nourishing journey into the heart with a unique mixture of movement medicine, dance celebration, conscious breath and loving touch. If you've ever been curious to experience tantra and its transformative effects, this is the session for you to experience first hand, it's capacity to expand your heart centre and appreciation for life with techniques to take from the session into your work, love and relationships.

Your Host

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Henika is the founder of the School of Sensual Arts, a global platform leading the sensual revolution! The ethos invites you to connect deeply, to express freely, love intimately and lean into your desires so that you can lead life by the heart! At SOSA, pleasure is your portal. As a British Indian, she offers a unique blend of her cultural lineage through the eastern ancient arts with her studies in western arts and psychotherapy. Having worked with Louis Theroux, Channel 4 and Women's Health, she shares tantra yoga, couples intimacy workshops and Shakti circles to a worldwide online community with beautiful in-person retreats around London and Europe. You’ll catch her breaking taboos around sensuality, shame, cultural appropriation and tantra on her IG @henikapetal.