About this experience

Thursday 7th July
7 PM - 8.30PM
Farzana Ali - The Sound Therapist

Combining colour therapy with the healing properties of sound, join Farzana (founder of The Sound Therapist) on a sonic journey through the rainbow with this deeply restorative and healing sound bath.

With an oversaturation of blue light – which disrupts our natural circadian rhythms, sleep quality and feelings of rest – this rebalancing chromatic sound bath will help bring harmony to both your body and mind. The session will also provide your eyes with a beneficial break, allowing them relief in the warm hues of deep rest.

This workshop will begin with a colour-based visualisation and will be accompanied by a serene soundscape, which will allow you to sink into a nourishing and grounding meditative state.

To get the best out of your session, please wear comfortable, soft, cosy clothes, avoid alcohol prior to the session and bring water or a reusable water bottle. 

Please note while sound meditation is suitable for many, it is not suitable for pregnant women in their first trimester, those with pacemakers, epilepsy, severe mental health conditions and those who experience sound-induced seizures.

Your Host

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Farzana is a practitioner level sound therapist, wellness writer and founder of The Sound Therapist (@thesoundtherapist). Seen in several prestigious media titles such as Vogue, Women’s Health, Harper’s Bazaar and Stylist, Farzana specialises in creating dream-like states for her clients and uses the drum, crystal singing bowls, Himalayan bowls and therapeutic percussion in her sessions. Her interest in providing clients with a multi-sensorial experience also led her to study colour therapy, known as chromotherapy.