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Friday 26th January
Letty Mitchell

After the enthusiasm of the previous workshop, Letty will be holding space for another special evening to learn, discuss, and embody the practice of channeling and embodiment. This session will be 50% theory and 50% practical. 

Letty will expand on a few concepts briefly discussed in the previous workshop, whilst holding space to delve deeper into the themes of vibration, nervous system regulation, and high-frequency channeling in both theoretical conservation and practical rituals.

It is useful to know the core values of many spiritual practices and scientific theories with regard to the desire to seek a developed level of consciousness in the field of oneness. But the journey to expanding into our full potentiality and connecting to abundance is undoubtedly a journey inwards. 

To have clarity of intuition and clear access to the boundless wisdom that is available to us, one must have discernment developed through embodiment, to be able to distinguish between the ego self and our expanded self. Both are equally significant and useful parts of our healing process. 

To navigate the world in flow, and in resonance with high vibrational experiences, we must be aware of our own vibration and influence. This is not achieved by suppressing feelings and spiritually bypassing the opportunity to heal a karmic loop. It is instead to learn to use sensation as a means to recognise how old disserving paradigms show up in the body and find a uniquely expressed way to dismantle the bond.

What will be covered:

  • A recap on the nature of channeling and your unique psychic abilities

  • Personal vibration, and why this is significant in clearing your channel

  • Trauma response vs intuition

  • Embodied movement - full nervous system regulation

  • Mindfulness exercises

  • Meditation 

  • Automatic writing 

This session will be accessible and open to all. For those who are curious and for those who desire a safe space to go deeper. (no experience needed)

Your Host

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Letty Mitchell is a senior Yoga facilitator, a meditation teacher, a writer, and a movement artist with a career stretching over a decade.

Her dedicated journey into the interconnectedness of spirituality and creativity for wellness and expanded consciousness has created a work portfolio that has extended into the medical, wellness, fashion, and creative industries. Letty has contributed to a plethora of organisations including Adidas, Nike, DAZED, I-D Magazine, Soho House, BLOK, Trinity Laban, and the English National Ballet.

Letty has led sessions on mindfulness and resilience for the Society for Cardiothoracic Surgery to heart/lung surgeons, has been invited twice to present at their annual conference, and was a faculty member for the online webinars supporting the wellness of nursing staff during the pandemic.

Her most recent work has led her to curate immersive hybrid experiences where art and wellness can co-exist.

Amongst the variety in her work, Letty has one mission. To help people in their self-realisation. To create spaces for healing. To be in the power of creativity. Letty Mitchell is a senior Yoga facilitator, a meditation teacher, a writer, and a movement artist with a career stretching over a decade.