About this experience

Tuesday 1st March
7 PM - 8:30 PM

We began in water; and still today, we are mainly water. The curvatures in our bones replicate the fluidity of the ocean; our vertebrae undulate like the bends of a river. Nothing about us is rigid. Our beings are flowing, supple, everchanging, and non-binary.

Just as the moon affects the world around us—ebbing and flowing the tides, lighting the sky for nocturnal animals and organisms, and anchoring the earth to its axial tilt—so too does it affect the world within us. 

Lunar yoga is a complementary practice to vinyasa yoga, which ignites our fiery, masculine, and yang energy, and instead activates our nourishing, feminine, and yin energy. This evening workshop includes gentle and quieting movement, soothing breathwork and meditation, intention-setting, and rest set within a low-lit space to encourage reflection, intention, and relaxation.

This workshop evolves in alignment with the phases of the moon but is invariably slow, supportive, and fluid allowing you to connect with the moon's soothing and grounding energy.

This workshop will include:
✨ A reflective view of the upcoming new moon in Pisces and how it relates to our every day
✨ Calming breathwork techniques for soothing the central nervous system
✨ Movement through moon salutations—the sister sequence to the sun salutation—and a sequence of yin and restorative poses
✨ A yoga nidra session to plant the seeds of your intentions

Your Host

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Laura is a yoga teacher, space holder, and writer offering classes grounded in intuition, creativity, and self-exploration. She is trained in Vinyasa, Yin, and Rocket yoga with a focus on inclusivity, accessibility, social justice, and collective care. Her classes combine movement, breathwork, meditation, and the occasional journaling prompt and are designed to build strength and confidence. Offering a buffet of variations, Laura encourages students to make their practice their own, meet themselves where they are, and have some fun in the process. Laura is also in the process of decolonizing her practice and offerings through karma yoga, education, and reparations. She writes about her learnings on this as well as modern spirituality, healing, and mindfulness.