About this experience

Breathwork is the conscious control of the breath.  In these sessions, we will consciously work with the breath to quickly drop into theta brain state, where we can unlock unconscious blocks that we didn't know were holding us back and tap into the wisdom of our body to make intuitive decisions moving forward.

During this session, you will gain deeper insight into whether you are unconsciously closed to receiving what you want and using the breath to help you see what you can do to open up to receive your manifestation.

The session will start with some powerful questions for you to journal on and intention setting for the session. You will then be given a demo of the conscious breath practice, before we move into a guided relaxation, then moving into the active portion of the breathwork.

Please bring with you:

+ Blanket - body temperature can drop when we start to relax.
+ Eye mask - blocking out this sense will allow you to drop deeper into the breath.
+ Earphones - essential for online sessions (noise-canceling)
+ Journal - this is for you to do some self-inquiry and to note down any insights you receive during the practice.

Your Host

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Claire is a breathwork coach who uses a powerful blend of Breathwork, NLP, Hypnosis and EFT to help clients move through any blockages that are holding them back from the life they desire.

While working in the fashion industry, clients would fly Claire all around the work but she would still feel unexpectedly empty, lost and thinking, what now? Claire found Breathwork helped her connect back to her intuition and find clarity around what she wanted in life. She knew manifestation had to be from a place of fullness and not a deficit. Claire's desire is to teach others that they are the source, that they can create their wildest dreams in alignment with who they truly are.