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About this experience

Join us for an evening of ‘altered state’ breathwork and self-exploration.  We will use music, visualisation and the breath as a means to move deeper into the spaces of the brain we don’t often access, and into the body.  By doing this we’re able to tap into the ‘emotional filing cabinet’ of the body, and process anything that’s ready for us to connect with. 

This workshop is for anyone interested in exploring methods of clearing 'emotional load' from the body. 

IMPORTANT NOTE:   Altered state breathwork should not be practiced by those with epilepsy, a history of seizures or psychosis. 

Your Host

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As a somatic therapist, Ade works with clients to understand and process unresolved trauma and emotions being stored in the body.  Ade got into this work through her own mental health struggle, and the challenge to find real lasting change, which can be difficult to achieve solely through the lens of the intellectual brain.  As humans in the western world we can miss a fundamental piece of the healing puzzle; the body, often being completely disconnected from it. This work has changed her life and it’s Ade’s mission to support as many people as she can in their coming home to themselves.