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Bel uses the wisdom and generosity of nature to help you step into seasonal rhythms and identify to what's going on personally for you. She views the Tarot as a beautiful visual guide for our collective and individual experience, allowing us to peek into the multi-dimensions of the Self. 

In this special 45-minute Botanical Tarot Reading, Bel will combine Tarot and plant spirit wisdom to help you see how your stories, your journey, and your patterns may be affecting you. The cards will guide you through a visualisation of where you are now and where you can go, and then afterwards, Bel will harness the power of flowers to help you shift your emotional and energetic patterns to help you be more aligned with yourself.

From Bel:

To work with essences is to work with the non-visible. Not just the invisible that comes from the matter, that essence that we are “catching up” and imprinting in water to make it edible but also the invisible in our bodies, the invisible in our process.

Whenever you start drinking them, be ready to let the mystery of life bring information to you. Be ready for things to happen, for shifts to be made, for emotions to be unblocked, visions to be amplified, and I could keep going with words but as mystery has taught me: this is personal and it can’t be expressed.

Bel will create a bespoke tincture of flower essences aligned with your reading and what you're working through today, which you will take home with you after the reading.

Bel's compassionate and practical readings are in the service of transformation and helping clients to create new paths in their lives. Her way of communicating with Tarot is through creative visualisation, collaboration, and storytelling.

✨ Please note that all one-to-one sessions are for single individuals; we cannot allow additional people to sit in on a reading. We understand that it can be tempting to bring a friend or family member along, but we believe that each individual deserves to receive a personalized and private experience.

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Bel is an artist, Tarot reader and flower herbalist and she has been reading and studying Tarot for 8 years, working with clients for 5. Her art and spiritual work are based on opening channels up in order to make the invisible, visible. She loves translating the symbolic, mystical interpretations of the cards into common language, using both historical or contemporary decks, including her own which she designed and printed called 'Claridad'.