About this experience

Thursday 19th October
7 PM - 8:30 PM
Kate Fleur

Join Kate for a ceremony of sacred sound and inner journeying using the Shamanic drum and blue lotus flower to give us answers and clear space for the magic in our lives to unfold.

A shamanic drum journey is a way to listen to dive deep into the realms of the subconscious. The drumming induces a state of ecstatic trance which drops us into the language of spirit and allows us to really hear guidance and journey to spaces of transcendence. This is an opportunity to let go of trauma or blockages that are holding you back, hear messages and information downloads, release and rebalance on a deep cellular level and attune yourself with your higher power and magic. 

Blue lotus flower is a powerful and beautiful plant from Egypt. It's been used for centuries to aid self-discovery through journeying within and finding the healing power that resides within all of us and allows our minds to open. It also aids better sleep and helping with anxiety and stress and promoting feelings of joy and peace.

Please bring a journal or notebook with you and anything else you feel you might need for this ceremony.

Your Host

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Kate Fleur is a musician, artist and certified Sound Healer and Yoga Teacher. Kate’s Alchemic crystal bowls fused with her ethereal transcendent vocals allow you to reset, rebalance and realign, attuning you to your higher power and magic. Kate is passionate about ceremony and ritual and allows both to be part of her Sonic Medicine. She is passionate about guiding her guests into deep lucid states of relaxation, opening receptivity to frequency codes, connection, and cosmic journeys of the soul.