About this experience

Saturday 6th May
6 PM - 7:30 PM
George William MacPherson

Join us for a Saturday Sounds night that is both invigorating and restorative.

This isn't your average sound bath. "Beyond The Sound Bath" is a practice that goes beyond just laying on a mat and listening to soothing sounds. We'll be exploring the art of deep listening, tuning into our inner selves, and discovering a whole new level of chill.

We begin with a moment to sit together first and hear what to expect, and 'how' to navigate the experience to our best advantage, listening to sound with a sense of heightened awareness and curiosity.

This is followed by an immersive meditation incorporating light breath work, the power of our own 'hum'; and a soundscape created with a range of overtone emitting instruments, including koshi chimes, tuning forks, symphonic gong and antique Tibetan singing bowls. 

Their fundamental tones, overtones, and the delicacy of vibration, all layered together, draw us deeper into an equanimous and meditative mindset, before sitting together in stillness and an opportunity to close with sharing insights that may have emerged through this practice.

George's sound meditations offer an opportunity to disconnect from the always-on, over-thinking, and often overstimulated mind, and be guided back into ourselves, rediscovering and reconnecting to our inner nature of being. Navigating beyond solely the challenge of ‘not thinking’; a guided sound meditation—much like directing our attention to sound itself—offers us a glimpse of ‘which’ thoughts or emotions we actively pay attention to, reclaiming a sense of self regulation and discernment above self-soothing or avoidance.

Experience a sense of presence and inner quiet, affording you the unique opportunity to observe yourself, free of self judgement and toward compassion.

Your Host

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George MacPherson is an intuitive sound meditation practitioner based in Brooklyn, New York.

Having experienced personally the potential impact of sound and vibration as a modality that can lead to heightened awareness, inner exploration, and outer connectedness, George offers sound meditations through his practice Sound of The Times, across New York for one-on-one and group experiences. He has immersed himself in trainings with Alexandre Tannous, David Shemesh and Christiane Karam, in the writings and practices of Suffi mystic Hazrat Inayat Khan and Gurdjieff, and is committed to a life of learning from wherever teachings are to be found, whether in the mundanity of the every day, Mother Nature, or the wisdom of Spiritual experience.

George’s early years were spent absorbing the impact of sound as an Alto Soprano chorister in the Cathedrals of Northern England, and as a classically trained singer, brings focus to self created sound as a participatory experience within the sound meditation. Offering the collective a space in which to encounter vibration from the inside out, and opening up the full-being to deeper resonance, whilst freeing ourselves from inhibition, is a powerful and potent step toward awakening the healer that resides within each of us.