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Thursday 25th May
7 - 9 PM
Molly Anne Chinner

Do you ever feel like there's something burning in your throat that you just have to let out, but it's stuck there, unable to escape?

Whether it's a passionate speech, a heartfelt expression, or a catchy tune that's dying to be sung, the frustration of being unable to claim your voice can be maddening.

From an early age, we encounter negative messaging that can make us feel like we're not good enough to use our voice leading to energetic blockages that prevent us from expressing ourselves freely and creatively. But your voice is a magical tool for healing, awakening, and empowerment. 

Join us at SLC for 'Reclaim Your Voice: Healing and Awakening Your Authentic Voice, hosted by Molly Anne Chinner.

Vocal Activation is a deep and healing journey of discovery into the mysteries of our most intimate musical instrument – our voice.

In this workshop we will reconnect to the simple medicine of expression. Releasing our authentic voices beyond judgments, limiting beliefs and societal conditionings.

Together we will weave a deeper sense of self-love and acceptance into our hearts, minds and bodies as Molly guides us in the sweet medicine of song to bring us closer to our imperfect, raw, wild and empowered human-ness.

We will build a more compassionate relationship with our authentic expression and embody the wisdom of the voice to co-create a supportive space to explore and empower ourselves.

This workshop is a journey through the realms of resonance, and is perfect for those that wish to release somatic resistance and create more embodied connection in their lives.

Your Host

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A yoga, meditation and sound practitioner based in London. With a deep love of ritual and creating magical moments, Molly’s classes are soulful, playful and creative, exploring the union of body, mind and breath by guiding awareness deeper within. Drawing from her curiosity of the traditional energetic and elemental systems inspired by her study with teachers Shiva Rae, Tara Judelle, Talia Sutra and Meghan Currie, alongside her lifelong exploration into music, sound and vibrational healing, expect beauty, nourishment and lots of blissful tones.