£15.00 per person


1h 15min

About this experience

Join resident Tarot Reader and teacher, Medicine Woman and author Kasia Gwilliam for this archetypal dive into the Court Cards.

Archetypes are accessible to all and the ones represented in the Tarot Court are no different. The word archetype has its roots in ancient Greek, arche meaning ‘first’ and type meaning ‘symbol’, ‘pattern’ or ‘form’, so it literally means 'first form'. Archetypes are everywhere in the significant figures, events and symbols we encounter and remind us that they are available to be embodied and engaged with for our benefit.

In this first session we'll get to know the Queens of Earth, Air, Fire and Water and explore their characteristics, their possibilities and their pitfalls. We'll be looking at how we can engage with the Queen through an archetypal lens and how we can form our own relationship with her differing representations. We'll explore how and when we might choose to embrace Queen energy and you'll be encouraged to feel into your own associations to this important and universal symbol. When she shows up in your reading you'll have a new and personal way of engaging with her and everything she represents.

This session is for -

- Those who have a basic understanding of Tarot and want to broaden it (without relying on the little book!)
- Those who have an interest in reading Tarot through a symbolic and archetypal lens
- Those who want to explore embodiment practices
- Those who want to explore representations of masculine and feminine energy, as well as mature and youthful, energy in Tarot

Your Host

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Kasia is an initiated Medicine Woman, author and sacred space holder, with over 8 years' experience in offering services rooted in both the spiritual and the tangible. She is trained in the sacred arts of holding ceremonial and ritual space as well as Tarot, facilitating deep and insightful work with plant medicines. She is also passionate about dreamwork and symbols of the unconscious and is the proud author of Archetype Medicine: a journey within to your Council of Seven.