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Husk Jewellery is designed and made by Charlie Robinson from her London-based studio. She draws inspiration from alchemy, ancient cultures and space age design. The aim to evoke a deeper sense of connection the cosmos and our place within it.

Anima is a concept from psychoanalyst Carl Jung. He believed that inside every masculine person is an unconscious feminine, similar to the philosophy of Yin and Yang. This piece was designed to draw those aspects out from within.


Energetic Properties

This moonstone holds an introspective, soft and reflective feminine energy. It helps us go with the flow and follow out intuition, letting go of resistance. Mined and cut in Minas Gerais Brazil.


  • 70cm circumference necklace.
  • 3cm wide pendant
  • Hallmarked recycled 925 sterling silver pendant and sterling silver chain


All jewellery in unworn condition with the exemption of earrings and bespoke pieces can be returned within 14 days of purchase for a refund. All bespoke pieces are custom made therefore final sale. We are not responsible for repairing jewellery that is not Jill Urwin but please do reach out to us for assistance so we can assess the damage. Either we can contact the relevant jeweller if needed or point you in the right direction for a repair service.

5% profit from all purchases at She's Lost Control is donated to Crystal Clear - the social enterprise empowering artisanal mining communities. 

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