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28th April
7 PM - 9 PM
Katie-Jane Wright

Join us under the pyramid for an intimate evening of healing with Clear Quartz, and awakening of ancient Egyptian wisdom within.

Sit in circle with Katie-Jane, where she will ritually anoint the third eye and heart with hand blended and attuned oils,  teaching you how to work with clear Quartz in the most effective and expansive ways. And activate and open your light body with a mixture of divine Sirian and Pledian light language, which will soothe and open the light body deeper for awakening and healing.

She will teach about the Priestess of Atlantis, the mystic sect call the Alta-Ra who protected the esosteric wisdom of the mystery schools of Atlantis. They were protectors of the master crystals, and keepers of vast crystalline technology. They carried this wisdom to Ancient Egypt and through the armana period, and really established ‘Ra’ codes, which are solar codes with the coming of the pharaoh Arkenhaten, and his high priest meyra, arkehhaten brought in the following of the Sun ‘aten' who is a unified source of all.

Katie jane will guide you through a crystal and sound journey to the sun temple of Aten, where you will connect with the energies and crystals held safe under the temple. Each attendee will pick out a Clear Quartz, which we will use as a healing portal and record keeper, and we will use the sacred oil Ravensara to support a healing of soul wounds from this time.

The event will bring a deep connection to your Egyptian past, in a very safe and  held space, rituals of the priestess and crystalline activations.

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Katie-Jane Wright receives visions and advice from the crystalline world, and passes those messages on through her Crystal Expert column in Spirit and Destiny Magazine and across her events and workshops. She has been an oracle since she was a child, feeling spirit energy through many realms. You can find our more about Katie-Jane's work at