About this experience

The moon is our night light; the sun is our day light. Commonly we know our sun sign; however it can be a revelation to discover our Moon sign.

We are made of many planetary threads—Sun is just one of them and Moon is as significant and revealing to our embodied experience of life, our early bonding and relating from this point onwards. We are born within a lunar phase—the phase we will be exploring within this session is the Dark Moon phase, when la Luna is gone from the night sky.

This session will be a rich journey into Dark Moon fecundity, through astronomical and mythological perspectives and offer a reflective, poetic look at prejudices around the Dark Moon of the month, in life and in one's chart. The implications of fully embracing Dark Moon time can support cyclical living. Living with the cycle of the Moon, as she ebbs and flows through the month is powerfully aligning and enabling. Moon’s rhythmic pulse supports and cultivates living with depth and connecting with ancient rhythms of time, offering soothing sustenance in turbulent times.

This session will help you: 
✨ relate to the moon's phases
✨ connect with larger cycles of existence
✨ become aware of the prejudices towards feelings during Dark Moon times

Your Host

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Amanda is an Astrologer, Artist, Acutonics practitioner, writer and educator who skillfully weaves together her various practices and perspectives, past and present. She advocates, with all her heart, amplifying the complexity and multiplicity of life. Through her works, she care-fully co-creates the capacity for a plugged-in participation with all that life brings and holds. Much of her training has been in the US, where she has found an Astrological sensibility that weaves together Hellenistic, Sumerian and Psychological Astrology. These strands have been crafted into her own mythopoetic reading practice. Additionally she works with planetary frequencies and is trained in Psychotherapeutic modalities.