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This unique and one-of-a-kind Lemurian Crystal Pendant is handmade with love and responsibly sourced by jewellery designer and founder of She's Lost Control, Jill Urwin.

Jill hand selects all her stones for their beauty, energy and journey. This piece was mined from the Zeca de Souza mine Serra do Cabral, Minas Gerais and crafted into jewellery in her London studio.

9ct gold pendant

270- 100 deposit

Energetic Properties 

Lemurians are enlightening crystals, bringing compassion, grace and ancient Lemurian wisdom. They're considered to be a master crystal within the 'crystal kingdom' due to their ability to connect with distant love ones through the stars. These record keepers of time are here to guide us. All about ancestral connections and cosmic wisdom. The peach tone of this piece is extremely rare and is due to natural tinting from iron in the earth - a truly grounding and protective mineral.

Handle with love and care at all times. To cleanse your crystal leave overnight in moonlight


5% profit from all purchases at She's Lost Control is donated to Crystal Clear - the social enterprise empowering artisanal mining communities. 

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