About this experience

Thursdays from 20th October
7 pm - 9 pm

“The Records are now open."

Some people think of the Akashic Records as a library or a database. Others see it as a book. But the Akashic Records are much more expansive than can be defined by a single object. 

The Akashic Records hold an energetic source of information where the history of all souls is recorded. Every thought, choice, and action you have ever created throughout your soul’s journey is available here.

They are another dimension called the Akasha. A dimension where the rules of time don't apply, so information from thousands of years ago is available alongside information from yesterday alongside information from a decade from now.

In this beginner-friendly online course, you’ll take the first step towards deepening your understanding of Akashic Records. You will learn how to open your own Akashic Records and how to use this tool for self-enquiry and healing.

This course is for you if:
✨ You’re keen to add a new practice to your spiritual toolkit
✨ You’d like to increase your self-awareness and make more confident choices
✨ You’re keen to connect with your Guides and Masters and receive their guidance
✨ You’re curious about your past lives and want to understand how they play in your current experience
✨ You want to understand how to overcome long-standing patterns, improve relationships, or find any answers your soul has been longing for

Course curriculum
✨ Week 1 - Introduction + the basics of the Akashic Records
✨ Week 2 - Soul journey + energy 101
✨ Week 3 - Connecting with the Akashic Records + healing yourself
✨ Week 4 - Attunement to the Akashic Records*
✨ Week 5 - Study group + review (optional)
✨ Week 6 - Wrapping up and final concepts

*Due to the nature and content of week 4, we are unable to record this session. For all other weeks, recordings will be sent out the following day.

In addition to giving you a solid foundation about the Akashic Records, your guide Luz will provide you with the best tools to help you integrate this fantastic modality in a practical sense. Because of this, after each encounter, you’ll receive a workbook with that week’s info + some exercises to apply the learnings to your own experience.

It is recommended that you have had an Akashic Records reading with someone else before learning to open your own Records. This is optional, but it will help you assimilate some abstract concepts—especially when it comes to receiving your own messages!

This course is the equivalent to a traditional Akashic Records Level 1 Certification. If you’re interested in opening other people’s Akashic Records, this will give you the perfect foundation for that. We’ll cover this in the last lesson of the course.

Please note that this is a course and sessions are not available to buy individually. Spaces are limited and our early bird pricing ends on Friday 7th October and tickets will be £155 thereafter. We also offer 1:1 follow-up mentoring sessions at an additional cost after the course.

Your Host

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Luz is an Akashic Records facilitator and mentor who helps soul-seekers get clear on their journey and transform their lives through the Records. In addition to her Akashic Records work, for the past few years Luz has been expanding her knowledge of the spiritual world, for example about astrology and energy work. This, coupled with her background in coaching, makes her readings a unique blend of soothing insights and actionable tips to help you ground what has been shared through the Records into your daily life.