About this experience

Sunday 8th May 2022
11 AM - 1 PM

Many people feel drawn to crystals but they don’t know why. 

Take your crystal knowledge to the next level in this jam-packed introduction to crystals and leave with your own ethically-sourced crystal from She's Lost Control.

Our workshop facilitator Gemma has 16 years of experience working with crystals and has even written a book on the topic, called The Crystal Apothecary. In this two hour workshop, she will impart as much of her knowledge as she can so that you can go from beginner to a mini crystal expert in two hours.

Gemma’s clear concise explanation of both the science and ancient knowledge of crystal healing has seen many people go from novice to expert in a very short amount of time. We welcome you to come along and see how relevant in today’s society this ancient knowledge still is.

By the end of the workshop you will know:
✨ which crystals will serve you personally and how to pick out a crystal
why crystals are good for us and the science behind crystal healing
✨ w
hat the different colours, shapes, and formations of a crystal mean
what to look out for when you purchase a crystal
✨ h
ow to cleanse and charge your crystals and where
✨ w
here to place your new crystal in your home
✨ t
he different ways you can work with crystals.

Who is the workshop for?
Whether you have never bought a crystal before or you have a room full of them, this workshop will help take your knowledge to the next level. You do not need any previous experience working with crystals, all you need to know is that you’re drawn to them, and you would like to learn more.

Do I need to bring anything?
We recommend having a pen and paper to hand, herbal tea and snacks, plus your favourite crystals (optional).

Your Host

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Workshop leader Gemma Petherbridge, is a wealth of knowledge on all things crystals. As a Crystal Therapist, she has been working with them for over 16 years. In that time she has refined and simplified how to interpret these semi-precious stones. In her workshops, she likes to add in some science where possible so people can start to understand there is so much more to crystals than you may expect. In 2017 Gemma launched @ConscienceCrystals, which sources crystal specimens from around the world to sell in the UK. In January 2022 her first book, The Crystal Apothecary launched worldwide.