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You’re there. You have an identity. You’re trying to be heard. Yet you feel invisible. One day you think you’re heard, the next, nothing. Total silence. 

We stand with you. We hear you and want you to be heard. That’s why we’ve launched Ghosted this Halloween and Samhain to hold space for YOU. 

Have you been ghosted recently?

Are you part of a community that feels silenced, or forgotten?

Have you been misrepresented or misunderstood by society?

Do you feel invisible?


Do you feel Ghosted sometimes? Do you feel invisible? How do you break through that barrier? How are you seen and heard?

Between now and Samhain on 1st November we’ll be brushing off the cobwebs and getting it all out in the open while the veil is thin. We’ve invited some of our community to chat on IGTV with us about what GHOSTED means to them.

It can mean different things to different people, so let’s harness the power of the incoming Scorpio New Moon and get it all all in the open!



We've also curated a series of events for this season, starting with an extra special New Moon Circle honouring the new moon in Scorpio and the total solar eclipse.

As we descend into the darker season, we are being invited to deepen into our connection to our darkness. From shadow work to karmic cord cutting to unleashing the wild woman within, there's something for everyone. 



We’ve been eagerly waiting to release this limited collection of what we’ve named ‘shadow stones’ to the world, and Scorpio season is the perfect time!

Their energy is all about embracing our shadow and transmitting light. 

Widely known as Aegirine - (named after the Norse God of the Sea), these beauties are derived from Mount Malosa, Malawi, which produces some of the most spectacular specimens and formations of Aegirine in the world. These pieces are no exception.



It’s at this time of year that we start hearing all the classic ‘witchy’ requests, even to the extent of being invited onto TV wearing a pointy witches hat just for lols. Come on guys, we don’t have warts on our noses… This is real shit, not western society’s take on the ‘wicked witch’.

The trouble is, the real witch is being ghosted by so many. The witch archetype is often ostracised for going against convention. Feared for being powerful. Real witches, be they modern or old school, are being ghosted. They are misunderstood and invisible.

As witches, we use nature and energy as a generative resource for self-determination. We acknowledge that getting acquainted with the shadow is the way into the light. It’s about knowing our power, stepping into it, and harnessing it to help others find theirs. Oh, and we look pretty normal too. We don’t need to wear the pointy hat portrayed in the media. You don’t need to be scared.We’d love to see all you witches out there!

Post a photo of yourself in full witch mode with the hashtag #whatSLCwitcheslooklike and show us what real witches look like.


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