About this experience

In this 60-minute session, George will tune into your energy field to identify and release toxic energy and attack that's blocking your flow.

There are 6 main types of energy attack you may be affected by:

Psychic Daggers of anger and jealousy that others have sent to you

Low-Level Spirits such as ghosts, that may be attached to your aura and drain your energy

Collective Thought Patterns that linger as energetic clouds over cities, lowering your vibration and dimming your light

Residual Spatial Energy that you pick up as you walk through various physical spaces

Toxic Cords of Attachment that you've established to people, places, beliefs, and past lives draining your life force and controlling your emotions

Karmic Vows & Contracts that you've made in past lives and are still active today, blocking you from moving forward.

Unless you consciously identify and clear these energies, you're giving permission to external sources to control your thoughts, emotions, and behaviour.

In this psychic clearing session, George will tune into your aura, chakras, and energy body to identify and come up with a list of what's clouding your energy. He will then guide you through powerful processes to release the energy attack, shield your energy, and teach your psychic protection processes you can use to protect yourself.

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George Lizos is a spiritual teacher, intuitive healer, author of Be the Guru and the #1 bestselling Lightworkers Gotta Work, creator of Intuition Mastery School and host of The Lit Up Lightworker podcast. He helps lightworkers to find their life purpose and work their light in real, palpable ways that create positive change in the world.