About this experience

First Wednesday of the month
7 PM - 8 PM

Allow trance and vibration into your body and soul in our monthly shamanic drum healing session with Sushma Sagar, master healer, author, and founder of Harley Street healing clinic The Calmery.

Ordinarily the drum is used by shamans to help them enter alternate states to speak to spirit, in the same way some might take plant medicine. In this workshop, you can lie back and experience the power of the shamanic drum, the vibrations will help you get out of your head and enter a regenerative state. The drum experience will give you whatever you need on that day. Please not that this is not a shamanic journeying workshop.

These sessions are open to all people and perfect for absolute beginners who have no previous knowledge of healing or sound, or those who are familiar with it. However, please note that these sessions are not suited for pregnant people.

Your Host

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Sushma Sagar is a Reiki Master Teacher, Shamanic Medicine Practitioner and the founder of London’s Harley St based healing practice The Calmery.  She is a Master teacher in both Usui and Holy Fire reiki healing methods, having been trained by a master with a direct lineage to the founder of reiki Dr Usui.