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Saturday 15th October 2022
1 PM - 3 PM

Lithomancy is the ancient art of future telling using crystals. 

Spend a morning with crystal teacher, Gemma Petherbridge, as she shows you how to use your crystal collection as a unique way to perform a reading. Gemma has 16 years of experience working with crystals and has even written a book on the topic, called The Crystal Apothecary.

The workshop starts with a chance for you to look at your favourite crystals in a different way and understand how they can become your own unique oracle set. We will give you a selection of crystals to work with but please bring your own tumbles as well if you have some available.

Once you've given each crystal its own unique meaning, Gemma will do a few demonstrations so everyone can experience a group reading; while also learning how to pick the crystals, how to place them and carry out the reading. 

Then it is time for you to test out your reading skills for yourself. With Gemma’s guidance, you'll try out several techniques to pick crystals, before doing a few readings on two or three questions you would like guidance on. Between each reading the group will come together to talk about their experiences and get pointers from Gemma. 

There will be time after to ask any questions you have so we can make sure you go away confident and ready to test your new psychic skill on friends and family.

Who is the workshop for:
Whether you have never bought a crystal before or you have a room full of them, this workshop will help take your knowledge to the next level. You do not need any previous experience working with crystals to enjoy this workshop.

Do I need to bring anything?
We recommend having a pen and paper to hand, herbal tea and snacks, plus your favourite crystals (optional).

Join us afterwards for our afternoon crystal workshop with Gemma:

Saturday 25th June

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Workshop leader Gemma Petherbridge, is a wealth of knowledge on all things crystals. As a Crystal Therapist, she has been working with them for over 16 years. In that time she has refined and simplified how to interpret these semi-precious stones. In her workshops, she likes to add in some science where possible so people can start to understand there is so much more to crystals than you may expect. In 2017 Gemma launched @ConscienceCrystals, which sources crystal specimens from around the world to sell in the UK. In January 2022 her first book, The Crystal Apothecary launched worldwide.