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Thursday 14th July
7 - 9 PM

Dr. Stacie CC Graham

Yoga is not about flexibility or the ability to balance on your hands. Wellness and self-care are more than a visit to the spa. Yet our social media feeds may lead us to believe that we can’t do yoga if we can’t do a certain posture. That we aren’t meditating if we find ourselves getting lost in thought. And that our wellbeing is not worth it if it’s unworthy of a post and loads of likes.

Join us for an evening of exchange, unlearning, and actioning to celebrate the launch of Stacie CC Graham’s book, Yoga as Resistance: Equity and Inclusion On and Off the Mat

During this workshop, we’ll explore how the wisdom tradition and practice of Yoga relates to our present-day social issues. Stacie will also guide you through some gentle movement and mindfulness practice to support integrating and embodying what may at times feel new and/or uncomfortable.

This is an interactive workshop, in which you will journal, discuss in groups, and create ways for you to take the learnings forward—at work, in the studio, and at home with friends and loved ones.

You will leave feeling more confident in appreciating cultures rather than appropriating them as well as empowered to make good trouble. 

All attendees will get a copy of Stacie's book.

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Dr Stacie CC Graham (pronoun: she) is a management consultant, executive coach, founder, speaker and writer. Her work has been featured in countless digital and print publications including BBC, Essence, Huff Post, i-D, and Refinery29.

In her first profession as a management consultant, she supports companies, teams and individuals in reaching their fullest potential with the help of practices and tools such as mindful leadership, intersectional attunement as well as emotional and social intelligence.

Her holistic wellness brand, OYA: Body-Mind-Spirit Retreats, is dedicated to underrepresented communities typically underserved by the mainstream wellness industry. She is also the founder of Colour Balance Images, a digital media platform empowering local creative communities to tell their own stories by delivering images and footage to media and advertising.

With an MS in economics and a PhD in psychology as well as experience living and working in different parts of the world, she continues to cultivate a nuanced understanding of underlying drivers of human motivation and behavior in true Scorpio fashion.