About this experience

30th June
7 - 9 PM
Kasia Gwilliam

Join Tarot reader, teacher and designer of the SLC School: Tarot Beginners course Kasia Gwilliam for an Archetypal Tarot Circle.

Whether you’re new to Tarot or a well-practiced reader, this workshop will explore some of the archetypal themes we see in the cards and seek to demystify and bring them to life.

Tarot is a powerful practice and modality, but one that can be shrouded in mystery, confusion and sometimes even fear. The archetypal approach is one that reminds us all that Tarot is simply a mirror for the soul and reflection of the human condition.

We’ll play with the themes, symbols, figures and motifs that reflect our own lives back to us and deepen our understanding of this powerful modality. There’ll be discussion, lecture, practice, sharing and embodiment play-time so that you can explore this approach to working with Tarot. 

This workshop is for you if
You’re interested in exploring a non-predictive approach to Tarot
You feel a curiosity around working with symbols and symbolic inquiry
You’d like to explore how certain archetypal energy manifests in you and your life
Would like to explore you’re associations to different themes such as beginnings, rebirth, transformation and endings
You’ve ever felt any confusion with the Court or Major Arcana themes
You’ve ever felt any concern or anxiety about the cards ‘meaning’ something about you or ‘telling’ you something you don’t want to hear.

Please bring a notebook, pen, Tarot cards (if you don’t have any, extra cards will be available!) and a curious and willing heart.


Your Host

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Kasia is a Tarot reader and teacher with a 9-year relationship with the cards. She regularly works with clients and students both in-person and online and offers readings, courses, workshops, mentorships as well as experiences for corporate and private events. She is an initiated Medicine Woman working with ritual, ceremony and plant medicine, a Plant Medicine Integration Coach in-training, a massage therapist and the author of the book Archetype Medicine: a Journey Within to your Council of Seven.