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Thursday 8th September
7 - 9 PM GMT

Music can help us expand our states of consciousness, reaching depths within the psyche that words alone cannot. Tune in to a new wavelength in this two-hour psychedelic meditation workshop that will bring healing psychedelic soundscapes to your soul.

The term "psychedelic" as an adjective is often misused to relate singularity to psychedelic drugs, but psychedelic sound, music, and therapy are cutting-edge healing techniques that are expanding in popularity. Whilst still in its infancy, there is more and more research on how music and psychedelics can evoke similar brain responses.

In this session, Valentina will begin with an introduction to psychedelics and expanded states of consciousness and a breathwork practice focused on dropping your awareness from your mind to your heart. Then she will guide you on a musical journey to facilitate consciousness expansion, helping you to get in touch with the deepest layers of the self while promoting profound inner awareness akin to a psychedelic journey—all without substances.

This musical journey is designed by Valentina within Wavepaths—a generative music software born from the research of neuroscientist Mendel Kaelen on the therapeutic potential of psychedelics at Imperial College London, together with Brian Eno. 

After gently landing back to normal consciousness, we will have some time for integrating any material that emerged, as well as discuss plant medicine and the psychedelic movement in general. 

This session is for anyone who wants to:
✨ Learn more about psychedelic therapy, sound and plant medicine
✨ Explore deep relaxation and emotional release
✨ Naturally plunge into a deep meditative state

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Valentina initially trained as a psychoanalytic psychotherapist, completing an MSc in Psychoanalysis at UCL and a psychotherapy training, to follow her interest to learn about the unconscious. She has been a practicing psychotherapist in the NHS and privately for the past 6 years. She encountered spirituality after a spontaneous Kundalini awakening about three years ago, an invitation from her soul to explore the realms of heaven after having spent a considerable time delving deeply in the underground. This got her interested in expanded states of consciousness, and she is currently training as a transpersonal psychedelic therapist. You can find out more about Valentina's work at