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Chloe Isidora
Tuesday 19th April 2022
7 - 9 PM

As part of our fertility series, please join us with Chloe Isidora for a sacred womb awakening ceremony.

This series is very close to our hearts and explores the complex and challenging journey of fertility, family planning, pregnancy, and family care. We know this journey can feel lonely, but you are not alone. This series is for you, for us, for everyone.

Sacred womb awakening is a guided journey of remembrance—a journey to gently and powerfully connect inwards awakening your heart to receive the wisdom of your womb. When you clear, awaken and activate your womb space, creativity can flow and new life may flourish. With sacred womb work, every womb barer receives the opportunity to authentically remember that they are sacred, that their womb is their sacred space within, worthy of reverence and devotion.

This ceremony is a fusion of guided visualisations, gentle breathwork, and nourishing heart and womb connection practices that can be taken into daily life. 

Please note: This event is jointly hosted online + in person. Please purchase a ticket accordingly. We will send out the Zoom link on the morning of the event.

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Chloe Isidora is the author of Sacred Self-Care: Everyday Rituals for a More Joyful and Meaningful Life. She trained in Shamanic practices at The Four Winds Society, Crystalline Consciousness and Divine Feminine empowerment. Chloe offers Sacred Womb Healing and Awakening that is centred around transformation, empowerment and self-love. She offers sacred self-care and self-love practices can be easily integrated into daily life, bringing a deeper awareness of one’s inner wisdom and intuition, living from a place of truth and nourishing a sense of connection to the natural world.