About this experience

Darshna Parmar
Thursday 5th May 2022
7 - 9 PM

As part of our fertility series, please join us with Darshna Parmar for an intimate circle connecting to the child or children that you are meant to birth this lifetime.

This series is very close to our hearts and explores the complex and challenging journey of fertility, family planning, pregnancy, and family care. We know this journey can feel lonely, but you are not alone. This series is for you, for us, for everyone.

In this workshop, you will begin to form a connection to your spirit baby by feeling into what your womb wants to communicate. Your womb is the vessel that will gestate the spirit through your body and we will connect to the womb in a kundalini somatic movement practise and guided journaling session. This practice alongside a deeper connection to your sun and moon cycles create a hormonal response that you can use to enhance and maintain your fertility.

We will also connect with your spirit baby through meditation and kinaesthetic listening to help you understand your spirit baby’s energy through your body. Lastly, we'll close the circle with a deep relaxation exercise to allow the body, mind, and spirit to assimilate all of the energy activated within this session.

This session is for anyone who wants to explore:
Spirit baby connection in relation to their fertility
Womb consciousness
Kundalini embodiment

Please note: This event is jointly hosted online + in person. Please purchase a ticket accordingly. We will send out the Zoom link on the morning of the event.


Your Host

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Darshna is a specialist in spirit baby energy. She is the Founder of the Conscious Womb Birthing School, creator of the KMRT® Kundalini Magnetic Resonance Therapy, and an Ayurvedic consultant who specializes in fertility, pregnancy, and birth. She teaches Kundalini awakening to open up to the connection to the spirit baby realms and more. The Sexuality of birth with the spirit to earth the conscious baby is the heart and passion of her work.