About this experience

Saturday 10th September 2022
10 AM - 11:30 AM

Cacao is a powerful and intuitive tool that helps us open our hearts so that we can receive guidance.

When we connect to spirit animals, we are conversing with the archetype of that species. Similarly, holding ceremony with cacao allows us to communicate with the cacao spirit and ancient energies of mother Earth herself

Ceremonial host, Gemma Petherbridge, invites you to join a circle of like minded people wanting to reconnect, open up to their intuition and take time for self care.

After the opening ceremony, Gemma will show you how to place crystals around the cacao cup so it can be imbued by the crystals energy, creating a Cacao Crystal Elixir. She will then talk a little about working with Cacao before allowing you space to enjoy your Cacao Crystal Elixir while she pulls some oracle cards for the group.

When you are finished drinking, Gemma will invite you to lie down and relax, while She takes you through an enchanting reiki meditation so you can meet the Cacao Spirit and converse with your guides and higher self. At the same time you will be invited to use crystals to help you make that intuitive connection.

What to expect from your first Ceremony:
If you are new to cacao, this is the perfect ceremony for you. Gemma will start by giving a brief introduction so you know what to expect. 

After a small opening ceremony, everyone will be welcomed into the Circle and invited to start sipping their cacao. Ideally this is done slowly, in a meditative state and will take 15 to 30 minutes.

Once you have finished, Gemma will ask you to lie down and make yourself comfortable. Our Reiki visualisations allow you to first meet the Cacao Spirit, then your guides and higher self.

The ceremony then transitions into crystal healing so you have time to converse with your guides and receive healing.

Once you are brought out of the meditation, Gemma will stay with you, allowing time to journal and answer any questions you may have.

What to bring
Please come in comfy clothes that will keep you warm through the ceremony. We will proved crystals to use in the session, however you are also welcome to bring any crystal from your own collection that you feel will enhance your experience. We also suggest bringing your journal, pen (optional).

A few extra notes:
If you are taking antidepressants, have a heart condition, epilepsy or are pregnant please let us know in advance. In these cases we do not recommend consuming the cacao. Instead, you could hold your cup but not sip and follow the meditation. The heighted energy of the group practice will allow you to experience the plant's energy without having to consume it. 

Your Host

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Workshop leader Gemma Petherbridge, is a wealth of knowledge on all things crystals. As a Crystal Therapist, she has been working with them for over 16 years. In that time she has refined and simplified how to interpret these semi-precious stones. In her workshops, she likes to add in some science where possible so people can start to understand there is so much more to crystals than you may expect. In 2017 Gemma launched @ConscienceCrystals, which sources crystal specimens from around the world to sell in the UK. In January 2022 her first book, The Crystal Apothecary launched worldwide.