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About this experience

Join David Petrusich for a weekly 2-hour psychic development digital workshop. From strengthening your psychic senses, to learning how to read the vibration of someone’s name, each workshop is intended to bring you into greater union with your psychic self.

Together over 5 weeks (7pm-9pm GMT) , we will explore topics to help us gain confidence around our abilities while we practice methods to heighten our receptivity and connect deeper with our spirit guides. Within this series, the first 3 workshops focus on psychically exploring your own energy, while the last 2 workshops introduce you to methods of psychically interpreting for someone else without the use of an oracle.

The Psychic Arts take time and patience to learn – within a community setting and through your own independent focusWhether you’re completely new to the psychic arts or have explored your “clairs” to some extent already, this series is for you. As this is an introductory series to the Psychic Arts, no previous experience is required – Just be sure to bring an open mind, an open heart, and your unique, authentic energy.

WK1 - 7th November - The Higher Mind & Psychic Principles (2 hrs)
This workshop will review key principles of psychic sensing and is perfect for anyone who feels that they struggle with trusting their inner-knowing. As the foundation for the series, we will also learn methods on how to “switch on and off” psychically.

Lecture & Discussion
- Understanding the difference between intuition & psychism
- Group discussion on downloads & the dichotomy of awakening
- Brainwave theory & principles
Experience & Practice
- Attuning your mind to a psychic state
- Engaging with your psychic anatomy
- Identifying your psychic strengths
- Group debrief & questions

WK2 - 14th November - Receptivity, Awareness & the Spirit-world (2 hrs)
This workshop will focus on the power of Spirit and is ideal for anyone who is curious to hear about the Spirit-World from the perspective of an Evidential Medium. As the second workshop in the series, we will build upon foundational methods to further strengthen our confidence.

Lecture & Discussion
- Understanding how Psychism differentiates from Mediumship
- Discussing ways the Spirit world interacts with us
- Debunking myths, working with fears & energetic hygiene
Experience & Practice
- Engaging with energetic boundaries & sovereignty
- Attuning your energy to a receptive state
- Group debrief & questions

WK3 - 21st November - Working with your Spirit Team (2 hrs)
This workshop is for anyone interested in connecting with their Spirit Team. Different from methods like automatic writing, David will lead the group through a trusted process for connecting with one’s Spirit guides and hold space for questions / group-sharing.

Lecture & Discussion
- David’s perspective on guides, guardians & ancestral support
- Understanding the power of a spirit-mediator
- Spirit evidence & validations
Experience & Practice
- Meeting & engaging with your Spirit Team
- Group debrief & questions

WK4 - 28th November - Introduction to psychic receptivity (2 hrs)
This workshop will be the first in the series to work psychically as a group and with a partner. Relying on the first 3 workshops as a foundation, this is for anyone who’s ready to explore psychic abilities in a supported and encouraging environment.

Lecture & Discussion
- Understanding ethics, boundaries & the path of service
- Principles around reading for a live sitter
- How to relay psychic information
Experience & Practice
- Group practice with the vibration of names
- 1x1 (paired) practice with the vibration of names
- Group debrief & questions

WK5 - 5th December - Introduction to psychic blending (2 hrs)
As the final workshop in the series, we will review introductory methods on how to read the psychic information within another’s auric field. Prior to working together as a group and in pairs, we’ll discuss methods and frameworks for interpreting energies.

Lecture & Discussion
- Review of personal & collective psychic-symbolism
- How to strengthen clarity & confidence
- Setting intention & psychic-blending
Experience & Practice
- Group practice with psychic-blending
- 1x1 paired practice with psychic-blending
- Group debrief & questions

Your Host

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David is a psychic-medium, astrologer, yoga teacher, artist, and alchemist. For over ten years he worked as a sales leader and educator for major beauty companies. In an industry that awakens so many insecurities, he realised early on that he loved helping others facilitate their own transformations. His path as healer began when he started holding space for others, but his path as an alchemist began when I started holding space for himself.