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Embracing the menstrual cycle for empowerment, alchemy and magick. 

Join Tree Carr as she guides through the mysteries of womanhood and how to consciously reconnect with your menstrual cycle for empowerment, magick work, self care and body balance.

Maiden , Mother and Crone:   the concept of the triple goddess. The three chapters of life for women. We experience four phases of our menstrual cycle. From a magickal and alchemical perspective, these are likened to the four seasons and the four elements. They all hold a different energy that we can embrace and work with these energies to enrich our lives:  creative potential, wellbeing, healing, self care, self discovery, consciousness exploration, embodiment, empowerment, magick and spell work, manifestation and birthing new projects. 

This week: PERIMENOPAUSE & MENOPAUSE:  The element of spirit. This is the phase in a woman's cycle when our periods make the long transition of winding down to its ending. This can begin in our 40's but many women notice these changes as early as their mid 30s. This phase can last on average from anywhere between 4-10 years. 

During this chapter, the level of estrogen and progesterone rises and falls unevenly creating an array of symptoms which can feel like permanent PMT! In this workshop we will explore how to use this time to move into your power:  working with the new shift of energy for empowerment, herb work, mindfulness, working with hot flashes, meditations, self care, energy movement practises, the art of solace and moving into the role of wise woman.  

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Tree is a published author working in the esoteric realms of dreams, death and divination. Tree has explored the realms of mysticism and consciousness since she was a child. Her deep intuition, clairvoyance and mediumship abilities have helped people worldwide as has her incredibly insightful tarot guidance.